About ZCap

This market-leading shared ownership model has been developed for GPs, PCNs or Federations.

  • Building ownership giving full operational and clinical control

  • No capital investment or personal guarantees required  to proceed

  • Works with exiting NHS/GP capital funds, reducing rent or releasing capital

  • Sale/lease-back of existing properties but maintaining ownership and control

  • Development funding underwritten by CCG and or ZCap funder

  • Investment returns and capital growth providing personal pension fund options

  • No development risk or direct development costs for GP practice

  • Fully reimbursable costs and lease payments, can be confident of DV approval

  • No negative equity risk for the GP Practice, help with any existing

  • Supporting Digitally Enhanced Primary Care, ensuring service flexibility

  • Digital Design Standard ensuring flexible and adaptable spaces maximising capacity.

  • Multidisciplinary delivery with no commercial barriers restricting building use

NHS Strategic Fit – ZCap provides accommodation solutions that will:


  • support the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan and emerging models of health and social care 

  • help primary care to design and develop real service integration 

  • provide space and capability for primary care to deliver multidisciplinary services 

  • deliver flexible, fit for purpose accommodation, both in design and lease structure 

  • meet the challenge of enhanced digital delivery to secure any additional funding

  • support the government's Modern Methods of Construction agenda to improve delivery, quality and value for money 

  • meet NHS guidance on procurement and full compliance with the Treasury's '5 Case Business Model’ 

The ZCap NHS model:

How does it work?

  • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) property company formed, majority owned by the GP Partner(s)

  • The SPV funds the development via already-negotiated, competitive UK social infrastructure fund

  • Building is leased to the GPs – GPs become ‘landlord and tenant’ without the landlord risks

  • Index-linked lease will be at or below DV valuation and fully recoverable

  • We prepare a business case with you to secure revenue support from your CCG 

  • The joint venture appoints the design and professional team and procures the build contract

  • The GPs have full control of use over the asset for healthcare purposes

  • SPV will own the property sharing any long-term investment returns with the GP Partner

  • Full SPV and building management service can be provided

  • Our professional team would develop the facility

  • Our finance team would provide financial management services to the SPV