Sale and Leaseback

Sale and leaseback without losing your asset

ZCap Sale & Leaseback – 
Offering full control and ownership

Unlike more traditional Sale & Leaseback proposals, ZCap ensures you maintain ownership and control via ZCap’s unique structure.

The ZCap Sale & Leaseback has all the benefits and risk mitigation of a ZCap new build development but is designed to support:

  • Partner buyouts and succession planning, attracting new partners into the practice

  • Refinancing of existing properties, realising capital for upgrades/pension investment

  • Remodelling and extensions of existing properties, responding to requirements

ZCap – Giving you control of your property

This shared ownership model offers:

  • Building ownership and full operational control

  • No capital or personal guarantees required

  • Investment returns, pension fund options

  • No development risk or costs for GP practice

  • Fully reimbursable costs and lease payments